Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger

Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger
Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger
Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger
Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger
Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger
Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger

Kurhotel Stühlinger - the longest established and most prestigious spa hotel of Semmering

Here you can learn the art of pampering. Once do nothing but relax and dangle with the soul. Purify your body and enjoy the fin-de-siecle atmosphere of the Semmering. Healthy and conscious diet, while the view of endless green hills snaps. Whether you need medical care or just physically and mentally "renew" d like to come in any case, like a new person back home.

Cures are gently healing. And means gently heal, put people at the center. Not primarily the leading to recovery, the HOW is of equal importance. The Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger relying for decades with great success on the harmonious interplay of traditional medicine, alternative, natural methods and intensive, personal attention.

The family-manageable atmosphere of the spa hotel and its technically first-rate facilities sit seamlessly continued in the medical and therapeutic spa area. So Dr. Andreas Stühlinger accepts quite naturally the time to examine each spa guest personally and to create their own individual treatment program. Baths and massages are administered only by first class professionals and only in close cooperation with the physician.


TEL: +43 (0)2664/ 2447
EMAIL:  hotel@stuehlinger.at
WEB:  http://www.stuehlinger.at/
ADRESS: Dr. Hermann Stühlinger Straße 1, A-2680 Semmering 


Kurhotel Dr. Stühlinger

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