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Current Job Offers

Aktuelle Stellenangebote am Semmering

  • Sales und Conference Assistent/in
  • Marketing & Event Mitarbeiter/in
  • Betriebsleiter/in Seilbahn 
  • Koch/in
  • Hilfskoch/in
  • Oberkellner/in
  • Barkeeper/in
  • Buchhalter/in
  • IT Techniker/in
  • Kassa Mitarbeiter/in

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Mountain restaurants

As part of a walk/hike around the Hirschenkogel you need a hearty refreshment break with regional specialties and a cozy atmosphere. Re-energize yourself on the sun terraces with a view of the Semmering mountains.

Liechtensteinhaus (Liechtenstein house)

The Liechtensteinhaus is located at the top of the lift, right next to the mountain station of the cable car. The large sun terrace, fine cuisine and entertaining umbrella bar are a guarantee for an unforgettable holiday. In the new, built on pillars panoramic restaurant, with waiter service, open kitchen and fireplace, it can comfortably hover over the magic mountains and enjoy the magnificent views.
Celebrations at Liechtensteinhaus: Christmas parties, company outings, family celebrations, seminars, award ceremonies, children's birthday parties, etc. - up to 300 people.

Contact Liechtensteinhaus Semmering:

TEL/ADRESS  +43 (0) 2664/2343        table reservation
+ 43 (0) 2664/8038-31   group reservation
 Hirschenkogel 222, 2680 Semmering



The Enzian hut is located at 1.100 metres above sea level, is open almost daily during the year and offers hearty, regional-based fare. One offer are Austrian specialties and homemade delicacies such as Bratwurst, Blunzn or the famous Kaiserschmarrn from the local innkeeper Matl.
The rustic cabin is situated on the Magic Mountain monster scooter route.

Contact Enzianhütte:

TEL/ADRESS  +43 (0) 2664/2383    Frau Sandra Pertl
 Sonnwendsteinstraße 2, 2680 Semmering


Pinkenkogelhaus (Pinkenkogel House)

The Pinkenkogelhaus is situated on 1.292 metres and is easily accessible: From Hotel Panhans one hour Panhansweg leads directly to the house. The outlook and the brevity of the way to make a Pinkenkogelrunde the ideal walk at Semmering. The Pinkenkogel house is also an ideal stopover from popular hikes, such as the Semmering Preiner Gscheid. Magnificent panoramic views of the Rax, Schneeberg and Hirschenkogel are the guests safe!

Contact Pinkenkogelhaus Semmering: 

TEL/ADRESS  +43(0)664/4820 259
 Pinkenkogel 1, 2680 Semmering


The cozy hut with sun terrace is located on Sonnwendstein. At an altitude of 1.481 metres you have a beautiful panoramic view of the World Heritage Site Semmering Railway, Rax, Schneeberg, the mountains of the Semmering region, as well as views to the exchange and the Bucklige Welt. Specialties such Blunzengröstl, lentils or Pinzgauer cheese dumplings are served.

Kontakt zur Pollereshütte:

TEL  +43(0) 2664/2282 oder +43 (0) 0664/5962 908
Göstritz 53, 2641 Schottwien

ZauberBAR Semmering

At the foot of the mountain railways, right next to the entrance to the cable car is the hot spot of Semmering. The unique mix of café, disco, bar and meetingpoint for sportsmen makes the magic bar unique. The summer terrace invites athletes to enjoy the beautiful landscape, watch bikers and indulge on some hearty food!

Contact Zauberbar: 

TEL/ADRESS  +43(0) 676/5608 188
 Zauberberg 1, 2680 Semmering